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Slurry Explosive


Slurry Explosives or Water gels are known as 3rd generation of commercial explosives that has taken over traditional explosives like ANFO & Gun Powder. Slurry explosive is a mixture of ammonium nitrate or other nitrates and fuel sensitizers which can either be a hydrocarbon or hydrocarbons and aluminum. Slurries are made water-resistant through the use of gum, waxes, cross linking agents or emulsifiers.

Blasting Equipment Suppliers in Pan India

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  • Excellent Water resistance

  • Cost efficient, easy to use and safe

  • They provide high degree of safety from Mechanical Impact friction

  • They have exceptional bore hole coupling and transfer maximum energy

  • Density of slurry explosives can be controlled


  • Should be kept away from flame & excessive heat

  • Should be handled with care and stored in a cool and dry place.

  • Do not subject product to heavy impact or friction

  • During charging ensure that cartridges are charged in a continuous column in the bore hole.

Cap Sensetive Slurry Explosive table
Non cap sensetive slurry explosives table
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