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Cast boosters are designed to provide high initiation/ detonation pressure to a wide range of explosives/ blasting agents. They consist of high density molecular explosive (PETN AND TNT) which are sensitive to intense impact, heat or friction, in a plastic shell. Each booster has two longitudinal passages that accommodate a detonator or detonating cord. Cast boosters are needed when a detonator doesn't have an adequate amount of energy to directly initiate an explosive. It detonates a cast booster which then delivers the shock waves to the explosive or blasting agent. A recessed well at the base of the booster provides protection to the Detonating cord, signal tube or lead wires from any damage.

Cast Booster Manufacturers in India

SBL Energy Limited comes from the family of some of the prominent Cast Booster Manufacturers in India that offers high detonation pressure to a wide range of explosives and blasting agents. The reason why our clients have chosen us for the cast boosters because it not only has a long storage life, but it also has an easy operation. Right from its good shelf life to its high resistance for water and oil, the cast boosters are extremely convenient to use and assemble.

The cast boosters comprise of high-density molecular explosive that are extremely sensitive to the severe impact, friction and heat. Every booster has accommodating passages for the detonating cord and a detonator. The use of cast boosters is only done when the detonator falls short of sufficient amount of energy to initiate the explosion. Thus, SBL Energy can do that job for you by offering the best services as we fall under one of the best Cast Booster Manufacturers in India.

  • Cast Boosters have long storage life since it has no liquid ingredients and can be operated easily

  • Excellent shelf life, highly resistant to water and oil

  • Convenient to use and assemble

  • Do not contain Nitro-Glycerin, hence, less sensitive to shock and friction

  • High density and a high velocity of detonation maximises performance and makes them good primers and boosters.

  • Should be transported, stored and handled with care.

  • Avoid impact with solid surfaces or other Cast Boosters. This may lead damage that could lead to a misfire, or a premature initiation.

  • Should be transported, stored and handled with care.

  • Also, usage of boosters with detonators that cannot be completely fitted within the boosters should be strictly avoided as the detonator might be harmed during charging if not watched. This could lead to untimely detonation

  • Cast boosters may be used at temperatures up to 65°C.

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