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Our efforts have always been towards optimisation of mining system in total and not just the reduction in blasting cost. We have appointed mining engineers at different areas who monitor the blast performance on a regular basis. Besides reduction in blasting costs, we have also succeeded in solving associated problems with our explosives combinations.


We are here to help you select the right product for your requirements. We extend our services to ensure that our customers get maximum benefit. This is possible with the help of the latest technology and a great Consultancy Service Team. Our consultancy service group is supported by a team of expert mining /blasting engineers.

We assist our customers in:

- Explosive selection

- Blast management and optimization

- Blast Design

- Explosive regulatory compliance

Our profound Sales & Technical engineers give customers a complete insight on designs, measurements, applications, safety, training & handling of our products. Also, professional knowledge on drilling, blasting, mine development activities, analysis, rock face analysis, etc. is provided.

Technical Blast management Services

SBL has a team of 50 mining engineers.  We have completely dedicated ourselves to this area as we understand the importance of providing Technical services our customers.

Technical services are always available by SBL on a prior notice. Our technical services wing can handle problems related to blast & cost optimization, controlled blasting & blast design along with imparting training to perform the assignments.

We will concentrate on blasting by:

- Controlling vibrations

- Top fragmentation

- Digging ability of the muck-pile profile

- Overall blasting cost with considerable results

Special technical services like: 

Improving the power factor at the Dragline bench to challenging levels

Sessions on blasting technology for blasting officers and managers 

Our technical services cell is continuously updating the user on all the latest technical developments on blasting products, technology and applications.


We have a special cell for R&D, headed by our consultant. All the personnel have an experience of 10 to 30 years in the explosives industry. 

It is our endeavour to give the best products to our customers and also to introduce more and more products in our product-line in order to cater to special needs of our customers. 

We are also in the process of developing the entire series of permitted explosives through our own R&D efforts.

Also, we’re committed to continuously improving the way we manage our environmental impacts and develop sustainable business. To achieve all of this we have a special cell headed by our consultant.

With our experience in the field of explosives manufacturing and application engineering we are providing tailor made blasting solutions to the customers by varying the density, VOD, and gel structure according to the rock. 

We are concentrating in the field of application engineering to help the customer in utilising the explosive energy effectively and we are successful in our efforts of providing the most cost effective blasting solutions to the customer.


Other than product development we also on a continuous basis keeping evaluating new ingredients for its compatibility and suitability to provide improved performance/special characteristics/reduce cost.

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