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Emulsion Explosive


• Highly safe in manufacturing, transporting, storage and handling: The emulsion is classified as an oxidizer, so transport and storage does not lead to danger of explosion.

• Excellent resistance to water

• High velocity of detonation & Weight strength

• Savings in drilling operations

• Low sensitivity to heat

• High viscosity and rigidity

Cap sensitive emulsion large diameter cartridge explosives suppliers in India


Emulsion is the most recent discovery in Industrial explosives industry & is extensively used for commercial blasting all over the world since they are more efficient, more safe & deliver better performance than slurries/water gels. There has been a significant rise in the usage of emulsion explosives due to greater advantages as compared to other explosives.

Emulsion Explosive Company in India

Depending upon the need of the client, we are one of the leading Emulsion Explosives Companies in India as we cater to various emulsion packages explosives. Emulsion explosives have come more in demand lately as it is a new technology in industrial explosives and is highly preferred for the commercial blasting as it is extremely efficient, safer and deliver good results as compared to the water gels and slurries.

Most of the Emulsion Explosive Companies in India, including SBL Energy has seen huge demand and usage of the emulsion explosives as it comes with some great benefits including its high resistance to water, low sensitivity to heat, high viscosity and rigidity and its high velocity of detonation.


The emulsion is stable and does not explode in the standard striking tests or while burning, however, it can explode if it is in contact with materials such as detonators, dynamites or aluminium powder.

SBL ENERGY offers complete range of Emulsion packages Explosives. The product can be produced in both bulk and packaged forms depending on the application. Emulsions are widely used in both bulk and cartridge emulsifier systems for both underground and surface mining.

  1. Cap sensitive Emulsion Large Diameter Cartridge Explosives ( Booster/Primer Charge) 3

  2. Booster sensitive Emulsion Large Diameter Cartridge Explosives  4

Booster sensitive emulsion large diameter cartridge explosives
Emulsion explosives suppliers in india
Cap sensitive emulsion small diameter cartridge explosives
Optigel Non cap sensitive emulsion explosive
emulsion explosives

(Non Cap Sensitive Class II Explosives)

It is a low density non-cap sensitive Class 2 emulsion explosive manufactured by mixing Emulsion matrix with ammonium Nitrate prills with HSD having Brand name OPTIGEL


Optigel Cartridge is suitable for use in large dia holes, of 100 mm or more & where the blast holes are dry or damp with little presence of water. The product is Non-cap sensitive explosive & is to be used as a column charge in open cut mining, quarrying and for general blasting.


(Low Density Column charge)

* Reliable and easy to use, provides consistent result.

* Low density product, hence high column height with minimum explosive charge.

* Cost effective explosive for dry hole or damp holes.

* Higher heave energy compare to Slurry/Emulsion Cartridge Explosives would result in better fragmentation with less vibration. Its heave energy will be equivalent to ANFO.

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