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Optigel Non cap sensitive class

It is a low density non-cap sensitive Class 2 emulsion explosive manufactured by mixing Emulsion matrix with ammonium Nitrate prills with HSD having Brand name OPTIGEL. 

Our group company M/s SBL ENERGY LIMITED is manufacturing Non Cap Sensitive Class II Explosive, it is manufactured by mixing Emulsion matrix doped with ammonium Nitrate prills with HSD having Brand name OPTIGEL.

Application:  Optigel  Cartridge is  suitable for use in large dia holes, of 100 mm or more & where the blast holes are dry or damp with little presence of water. The product is  Non-cap sensitive explosive & is to be used as a column charge in open cut mining, quarrying and for general blasting. For charging Optigel Cartridge would be dumped inside the bore hole as the case with similar cartridge products.

  • Reliable and easy to use, provides consistent result.

  • Low density product, hence high column height with minimum explosive charge.

  • Cost effective explosive for dry hole or damp holes.

  • Higher heave energy compare to Slurry/Emulsion Cartridge Explosives would result in better fragmentation with less vibration. Its heave energy will be equivalent to ANFO.

  • Should be kept away from heat/ sparks/ open flames/ hot surfaces

  • Avoid shock/ friction/ grinding

  • Avoid dust accumulation

  • Wear protective equipments

  • Should only be handled by qualified and authorised persons

  • Should be stored in a cool, well ventilated and dry area

OPTIGEL Non cap sensitive class II explosives

* REE is the effective energy relative to ANFO at a density of 0.85 g/cc . Energies based ideal detonation calculation. VOD of explosive depends on density , diameter of hole and degree of confinement . VOD quoted is unconfined condition.

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