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NEO E-DET is a fit for purpose electronic detonator-based blasting system that provides the highest level of quality, security, control, and precise timing to ensure compliant, consistent blasting results.

It can be used in a variety of applications including quarrying, mining, demolition and other specialist areas. The high strength detonator is suitable for initiating most priming charges. Complex firing patterns can be easily transferred to the detonators through the use of computer based software, when implemented properly the highly accurate initiation timings offer benefits in vibration control, fragmentation and general blast optimisation.
The digital firing system used for initiation means each firing circuit and individual detonator is tested and a record retained in the software prior to firing. The circuit can only be initiated by specialist firing equipment offering benefit in safety and security over traditional systems.

Electronic Detonator Blasting System

Electronic Detonators contain a capacitor, a logic and timing circuit, and explosives within a copper shell. Every detonator is equipped with a connector.

SBL Energy Limited
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