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Bulk Emulsion

Bulk explosives systems/ Site mixed system is suitable for customers who require large quantities of explosives. The materials, often mixed on the job by the supplier in the delivery truck, are directly drawn into the shot-hole by trained workers. This is intended for quarry and open pit mining tasks to enhance blast execution, security and environmental conditions. The material is transported as an oxidiser and is sensitised using emulsion processing technology during borehole loading. At SBL, we have bulk system only for emulsion explosives

Bulk Emulsion Manufacturing Company India

Coming from a well-established network of Bulk Emulsion Manufacturing India, SBL Energy Limited has ensured a continuous improvement in its services that have the most demand in the market. With our highly advanced bulk explosives emulsion, you have an upper hand as it offers a solid combination of the explosives and the rock that facilitate the performance of your product and as a result, the operations of blasting, down streaming and drilling are carried out in the most optimized manner.

If you are looking for larger quantities of explosives, then you must watch out for Bulk Emulsion Manufacturing Company India and trustfully choose SBL Energy. The bulk system is only for the emulsion explosives at SBL, and the material is carefully transported as an oxidizer and is induced with the help of the emulsion processing technology at the time of borehole loading.

  • Should be kept away from heat/ sparks/open flames/hot surfaces

  • Eliminate all potential sources of ignition. Avoid activities that could create an impact, friction, spark or a sudden rise in temperature

  • Avoid spilling on the ground other than pumping into authorised shot holes. Keep away from drains & other water course

  • Keep product clean & free from contamination 

  • Not intended to be stored. Only loaded at point of use. If loaded holes are left overnight, a guard should be placed

  • Re-pumpable Doped Emulsion / Straight Emulsion

  • Extremely Safe and Simple

  • Ambient Temperature System

  • Long Sleeping Time 

  • Highly Stable Product

  • Fast Loading 

  • Minimum Manpower Requirement

  • Reduced Inventory /Mine Bench Handling

  • Nominal Site Facility Needed

  • Costs would be less than that of cartridge explosives

  • Disposal of packaging on-site is no longer necessary

  • Bulk explosives fill-up the blast holes completely without gaps/voids

  • Allows widening of drill pattern, hence, cost efficient

  • Waterproof

  • Better performance since lot of non productive activities are eleminated

Bulk Emulsion Manufacturing Company India
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