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What Types of Explosives Accessories are used in Blasting Operations?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Explosives accessories are the important components in every kind of blasting operation and need to be chosen carefully.

Explosives Accessories

The industrial explosive suppliers in India have been offering and extending their constant support to all the big commercial players in the explosives market by offering the best of the products. The demand for blasting equipment and accessories has seen tremendous growth in the past few years to which the industrial explosives company in India has always tried to fulfill what is needed. According to a research report from the Global Industrial Explosives Market, the entire market is expected to grow much higher between 2022 to 2027.

It has been predicted that the global explosives market that was valued at USD 123000 in the year 2020 is expected to touch USD 16860 million in 2027 which is a growth rate of 5.4% CAGR in the said period. Now that the predictions are huge, the mining explosives manufacturers in India are making sure by offering the best explosives accessories that are used in the blasting operations by these players. Being said that, here are a few important explosives accessories that the blasting equipment suppliers pan India has to offer.

Ordinary Detonator

These aluminum Plain Ordinary Detonators are non-electric and are mostly used with the safety fuse. These ordinary detonators have a diameter shell of 3.7 mm and a length of 37 mm. the techniques used to produce these detonators are highly sophisticated and they ensure the initiation of the cap-sensitive explosives. These ordinary detonators are majorly used in the Dry Holes and can also be used for secondary blasting, boulder blasting, open cast mines, civil works, well sinking, road constructions, and quarry blasting.

Electric Detonator

As the name itself says, these detonators have their initiation through electricity. There are three types of electric detonators that the industrial explosive suppliers in India have to offer: short delay detonators (SDD), instantaneous electrical detonators (IED), and long delay detonators (LDD). If you are using electric detonators, then you must know that they are sensitive to shock, heat, radiofrequency energy, static electricity, and electromagnetic radiation.

Non-Electric Detonator

Non-electric detonators are favored by the majority of the customers as the source of their initiation is the shock wave that gets circulated in a tube from one detonator to other. They are not only used for commercial projects but are largely used for military operations as well. the initiation system that the non-electric detonators have is comprised of shock tubes that are connected to surface connectors and down-the-hole detonators.

Detonating Fuse

According to the blasting equipment suppliers pan India, the detonating fuse is the core of high explosives including plastic sheathing (polyethylene jacket), PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate), enclosed in PP yarn and natural-synthetic fiber for waterproofing. The detonating fuse must be kept away from water and any wet atmosphere and needs to be transferred with utmost care as in the end, it is explosive.

Cast Booster

The cast boosters are extremely sensitive to harsh heat, friction, and impacts as they are comprised of high-density molecular explosives. The cast boosters are only put to use when the detonator can no longer offer the optimum amount of energy that is needed to initiate the explosion. And since there are no liquid ingredients present in the cast boosters, they have a long shelf life if kept protected. They are extremely easy to assemble and use and that is why the cast boosters are always in high demand.

There are many more explosive accessories that you will find in the market. But if you are looking for a guaranteed and safe one, then SBL Energy Limited is what should be on your list. SBL Energy is one of the best mining explosives manufacturers in India that you should be looking for. Right from offering you the best quality explosive accessories to guiding you every step of the way through the process is what this industrial explosives company in India promises its customers. Book yourself a technical consultation right away!

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