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What Precautions Need to be Taken While Transporting Bulk Explosives

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Big mining and blasting projects demand larger quantities of explosives and that is why bulk

explosives are preferred for such operations.

Bulk Explosives

Bulk explosives are extensively handled by those commercial companies who are engaged in big projects where it is needed to blast or break large masses of rock from the mines or quarries. Thus, in such cases, an order is placed with the bulk emulsion manufacturing company in India as these formulations are specifically made to the needs of the customer and the geologic conditions where the project is going to be conducted.

According to the Mining Explosives Market Report published in 2019, the Global Mining Explosive Market is going to earn an estimate of around USD 12, 729.4 million in the period between 2018 to 2023. The demand is huge and thus, the industrial explosive suppliers in India are in a constant process of delivering up to the demand.

The industrial explosives suppliers in India ensure that the customers who are looking for larger quantities of explosives, get the material at the right time with complete safety precautions and care. The materials are firstly mixed right on the job by the bulk emulsion manufacturing company in India in the delivery truck and are directly drawn to the shot-hole by experienced and well-trained workers and technicians. The vital aim of the bulk explosive is to carry out the open-pit mining work and quarries to increase the efficiency of the blast execution, environmental conditions, and security.

Care to be taken while handling bulk explosives

Before the bulk explosives are transferred to the customers, there are a few safety guidelines that are followed by the industrial explosives company in India and that is a protocol that they have to follow. These general guidelines for the blasting equipment suppliers pan India are specifically outlined for their sites handling the bulk explosives. A bulk emulsion manufacturing company in India must have valid permissions, licenses, or a certificate to produce and deliver the bulk explosives.

The industrial explosive suppliers in India ensure with every step that the bulk explosives reach the customer with utmost safety and without any damage. Transporting such explosives is not only a huge responsibility but also a risk as a slight mistake can cost heavy damage. That is why here are a few of the safety precautions and rules that are followed by the industrial explosives company in India by safeguarding every inch of the material.

  • The bulk emulsion manufacturing company in India, every step of the way, makes sure that the bulk explosives are kept away from sparks, heat, hot surfaces, and open flames.

  • Extreme care is taken by the industrial explosive suppliers in India to avoid any spilling of the material on the ground and checks are done that it only gets pumped into the authorized shot- holes and nowhere else. It is also kept away from all kinds of the watercourse and drains.

  • The product is kept clean throughout and free from any kind of contamination so that its efficiency is maintained. The blasting equipment suppliers pan India work tirelessly to eliminate any potential sources of ignition that can be hazardous. All the activities that can cause friction, a rise in temperature, impact, or spark are avoided.

  • The bulk explosives are not intended to be stored and are only loaded at the point of use.

SBL Energy Limited is one such industrial explosives company in India, that not just produces the bulk explosives, but also accepts all types of on-the-spot requests made by the customers that require any kind of changes in the mixes as per the operation. This bulk emulsion manufacturing company India has the top quality product in the market and that is what makes it one of the best Industrial explosive suppliers in India.

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