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What are the Properties of Emulsion Explosives

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Emulsion explosives are highly recommended for opencast mines, hill cutting, quarrying and can also be used for secondary blasting.

Emulsion Explosives

For those who are constantly in search of one of the safest and most efficient commercial blasting options, every emulsion explosives company in India directs towards the emulsion explosives as they not only deliver better results but also offer greater advantages over other kinds of explosives. According to every emulsion explosives company in India, an emulsion is nothing but a physical mixture of two unmixable liquids generally water and oil which is formed by cutting the distinct droplets of one liquid phase into another continuous liquid phase. The “emulsifier” which is the surfactant is out to use to maintain and stabilize the mixture.

The best quality of the emulsion explosives is that they can hold their pumping properties and package very well and stably through all kinds of fluctuating temperatures. Since this stability is exceptional, the detonation properties can be kept constant even after it has been stored for a long time. That is why the commercial use of emulsion explosives as always explained by every emulsion explosives company in India is widely used in underground mining. The detonation velocity of these emulsion explosives as compared to other explosives such as ANFO is much higher and is suitable for hard rocks.

Properties of Emulsion explosives

  • Resistance to water

Even though there is water inside the borehole, it can be filled with emulsion because these emulsion explosives have excellent water resistance.

  • Ease of transport and storage

The storage and transport procedures for the emulsion explosives can never cause any kind of mishap because these emulsions are classified as an oxidizer. The emulsion only takes the form of an explosive when they are injected into the borehole. The temperatures required to store any emulsion explosive should be between -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

  • The safer option from emulsion explosive company in India

The emulsion will never explode while burning as it will only explode if it comes in contact with dynamites, detonators, or aluminum powder. This means that in a way the emulsion is the majority of the time stable.

Though the properties associated with the emulsion explosives are extremely easy to put to use, certain safety measures need to be followed. In the last decade, there were many accidents reported while handling the emulsion explosives and that is why there were certain guidelines made on how to maintain a minimum burning pressure (MBP) and an efficient design for pump systems to avoid access pressure on MBP.

At SBL Energy Ltd, we not only ensure your safety while handling the emulsion explosives, but we also train you to execute them for your blasting operation. We offer Cap Sensitive Emulsions (Large and Small Diameter) and Booster Sensitive Emulsion Explosives at reasonable rates without compromising on the quality.

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