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What are Low Column Charge Explosives and their Advantages

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Low column charge explosives over saves up the cost of the explosives and are considered as the most efficient option for open cast mine blasting.

Low Column Charge Explosives

With the commercial mining projects on the rise. The industrial explosive suppliers are continuously engaged to match up to the demand-supply chart. And with more open cast mining projects coming up, the demand for the low column charge explosives has been steadily rising because of the tremendous advantages it offers while working. Every industrial explosive company in India maintains a standard of formation of the explosives and has ensured that the products they developed are the best solution for blasting any reactive surface.

When such kind of low column charge explosives is introduced to the customers, they tend to save around 30 to 35 percent of their money in the consumption of the explosives. These low column charge explosives efficiently reduce the entire cost of the blasting and powder factor.

Low Column Charge Explosives

The low column charge explosives or low density non-cap sensitive Class 2 emulsion explosives are manufactured by mixing HSD having Brand name OPTIGEL and emulsion matrix with ammonium nitrate prills. These explosives are specifically designed to be used in open cast mining where the blasting needs to be done with the minimum amount of shattering or they are used as mentioned earlier to reduce the cost of the explosives as well.

To obtain a low-density explosive, the density of the regular explosive can be lowered down by loose packing, by impregnation of the woodmeal, and by altering the granular state of the ammonium nitrate. By making the explosive low-density, a similar weight of the explosive is used and in that case, it then produces less shattering while executed on the ground.

Advantages of Low Column Charge Explosives

As the blasting equipment suppliers, pan India offers greater options for the explosives for various commercial projects, the low column charge explosives along with saving tons of money have many other advantages to offer. These low-density explosives improve the distribution of the explosive in the blast hole by reducing the density and increasing the charge length and also maintaining the law powder factors. When you use the low column charge explosive for the blasting project, it offers a much bigger ability to compensate for the ground mismatch and drill pattern as the ground is easier to blast in that case.

One of the best advantages of using the low column charge explosives in your project is that the entire blasting efficiency is enhanced and the quality is never compromised because the total quantity of the explosive energy that is required to move the masses of rock is over-reduced. And since these low-density explosives produce less shock energy, there is almost no damage to the final walls and so that they can be efficiently used in the trim blasts.

Since you are here getting to know about the low column charge explosives, you must also know that one of the best industrial explosive suppliers in India, SBL Energy Limited has been in the game of providing the best quality low column charge explosives to some of the elite commercial players in the market. If you have been looking to buy them, SBL Energy can be your best bet. All you need to do is call up and set an appointment with our highly experienced engineers and they will be more than happy to discuss your explosives and blasting needs for your project.

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