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Top Reasons Why You Need Bulk Emulsion Explosives for Your Project

Updated: May 29

Bulk emulsion explosives are not only an economical solution for underground mining, but they are efficient as compared to ANFO.

Emulsion Explosives

With globalization inching higher every second of the day, the demand for all kinds of products has increased. Particularly in the commercial explosives’ world, the people engaged in the projects of underground mining, surface mining, quarrying, and construction, now prefer to place their orders in bulk quantities because bulk emulsion explosives have a lot to offer as they have some economical and practical benefits. And since the industrial explosive suppliers in India have taken these demands seriously, they are leaving no room in providing all the bulk orders on time to their customers.

For the players who are into underground mining, ordering bulk emulsion explosives from an industrial explosives company in India is one of the most beneficial things as it acts as a replacement for coat packaged explosives and is relatively high with the bulk product. As compared to ANFO or any traditional explosives, bulk emulsion explosives have some proven benefits in terms of field results and measurements.

One of the safest options

The reason why you need to stock up on bulk emulsion explosives for your next project is that they are considered to be a safer option as compared to other explosives. Since the emulsion is stable, it does not explode in the standard procedures for striking tests. But the emulsion should be kept away from dynamites or detonators or aluminum powder as there are chances of an explosion if it comes in contact with these materials.

Lower your total blasting costs

Whenever possible, you are always looking to save those few extra dollars in every project without compromising the quality of the raw materials and explosives that you are buying. That is why if you look at the pricing of the bulk emulsion explosives and ANFO, you will notice that the bulk emulsion systems not only show efficiency but also show a significant improvement in the blasting costs and drill for a mine operator. Apart from that, if you are opting to use bulk emulsion explosives, you will surely see an increased profit margin for your mining company.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy bulk emulsion explosives, here is a quick takeaway that you need to remember.

  • Bulk emulsion explosives are easy to handle, store and transport.

  • They offer an accurate explosive consumption count.

  • The bulk emulsion explosives have an increased VoD and have low gas emissions.

  • They are water-resistant and have shorter charge times.

And if you are shortlisting your options, you should not miss out on the top-most bulk emulsion manufacturing company India, SBL Energy Limited. Not only do we offer the best quality bulk emulsion explosives, but our prices are extremely competitive in the explosives market. Apart from that, we offer complete training and consultation regarding your product needs, and once finalized, thorough training will be provided to the person operating the project.

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