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Safety Protocol to be Followed for Emulsion Explosives

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Emulsion explosives have a low sensitivity to heat and that is why it need to be protected form a lot of exposure.

Emulsion Explosives

With many industrial explosive suppliers in India offering a wide range of industrial explosives to a diverse clientele, one of the most popular explosives that the commercial sector prefers is emulsion explosives. Not only they are the latest discovery in the field of explosives, but the emulsion explosive suppliers India claim that it delivers faster and better performance as compared to other explosives. The industrial explosive suppliers in India have seen a higher demand and usage for emulsion explosives over other explosives in the past few years.

The reason why emulsion explosives have gained enormous popularity is that it is a mixture of two non-miscible liquids which are water and oil. The mixture is created by cutting down distinct droplets of the liquid phase into an uninterrupted phase of another liquid. A wetter agent which is the emulsifier is used to ensure that the stability of the mixture is maintained without losing its form.

As we all know that explosives can cause hazardous situations and accidents if the proper safety protocols are not followed. That is why, when you are in the process of buying emulsion explosives, the emulsion explosive suppliers India always recommend rather explain and teach all the necessary safety protocols that need to be and must be followed while handling any kind of emulsion explosive on site.

Minimum exposure to the explosive

The exposure given to the emulsion explosives should be extremely minimum and only a few people should be involved in the process who know what needs to be done in what circumstances.

No contact with detonators, dynamites, and aluminum powder

Though the emulsion explosives are rigorously tested for their stability, if they come in contact with detonators, dynamites, aluminum powder, or any element related to these, they can explode and that can lead to some serious accidents.

Ensure minimum energy

The process relating to the emulsion explosive must be followed by using a minimum amount of energy to keep the explosive away from any possibility of creating any issues.

At SBL Energy, you will find various ranges of emulsion explosives that can be purchased both in bulk and in packaged forms depending upon the type of your project and application. If you are looking for emulsion explosives options for underground and surface mining, SBL Energy offers Cap sensitive Emulsion Large Diameter Cartridge Explosives (Booster/Primer Charge), and Booster sensitive Emulsion Large Diameter Cartridge Explosives. These explosives have excellent water resistance and can save a lot on drilling operations. Once you get in touch with the consultation team at SBL, we will walk you through the entire process and the range of explosives that you will be needing for your next project.

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