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Top Three Benefits of Non-Electric Detonators

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The non electric detonator supplier in India claim that the chances of accidents are minimized with the product as it can survive well in the damp weather.

Non-Electric Detonators

The widely used accessory in the industrial explosives field is the non-electric detonators and the non electric detonator supplier in India swear by it. Non-electric initiation system that comprises of the shock tube which is built around a high-power detonator by determining the delay and length to kick-start the explosive load. The industrial explosives company in India ensures that the other end of the shock tube is fully sealed as these non-electric detonators are widely used in underground and open-pit mining.

As the non-electric detonators are in high demand for commercial use, the blasting equipment suppliers pan India also state that these are widely used in many military or defense operations. The initiation system of the detonator comprises of the shock tubes that are connected way down-the-hole surface connectors and detonators. The non-electric detonators can also use certain chemical reactions including violent detonations, rapid burning, to name a few. There are certain good things that a non-electric detonator can do to your commercial blasting project and as the industrial explosive suppliers in India say that it offers huge operational flexibility as it is easier to design larger initiation sequences and has an unlimited number of delays. This makes it safer to radiofrequency energy, electricity, and electromagnetic radiation. Since it offers more safety, the interruption is lessened to provide better results.

Therefore, as you can already guess, how the non-electric detonators can hugely benefit your commercial blasting projects, here are the top three proven benefits that can offer you the best for your projects.

1) One type can suffice

Just one non-electric detonator is enough to facilitate the initiation of the explosion. Therefore, when you have chosen to use the non-electric detonator for your project, you do not need to order too many kinds of detonators as one is more than enough to bring out the best, and dividing the area becomes extremely simple. Also, another amazing benefit of using just the non-electric detonator is that there is a double delay on the surface and within the drill that allows the receipt of an endless delay as mentioned above.

It is always advised by the non electric detonator supplier in India that using just one kind of detonator is going to suffice for your entire project.

2) Easy connection

The best part about the non-electric detonator is that the connection between them is super simple as the connection is made with the help of a clip. Due to this, the connection time of the whole explosion circuit is lessened to one-fifth of the existing time. Apart from that, the line-to-delay is feasible without any limitation.

3) Safe in every condition

When it comes to safety, the non-electric detonator offers a wide range of benefits. Even though the weather conditions are damp, there will not be any problem of voltage drain that is generally seen in the electric detonators. Therefore, this negates the possibility of accidental activation of the system due to high voltage or any other dangerous electric source.

At SBL Energy Limited, that is one of the ace non electric detonator supplier in India, you will find three different categories of the non-electric detonators which can be explained to you by its highly experienced technical team. This industrial explosives company in India guarantees you the best possible consultation on your requirement for explosive or blasting accessories in detail. All you need to do is get on a call and discuss your requirements.

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