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An Easy Guide to Non-Electric Detonator

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Non-electric detonators are mainly used for demolishing buildings, blasting quarries and rocks in mines.

Non-Electric Detonator

The industrial explosive suppliers in India are in constant operation to develop and produce various kinds of explosives as per the need of the client. And various kinds of explosives have different energy requirements when it comes to detonation and that is why these blasting equipment suppliers pan India ensure that they develop different detonators that would suit every type of explosives available in the market. The non-electric detonator supplier in India exclusively makes these detonators that would be specifically used for blasting quarries, rocks in mines, and demolition of buildings.

The worldwide usage of non-electric detonators and the constant process of producing more by the non-electric detonator supplier in India and the Industrial explosive suppliers in India ensure that the commercial sector keeps working and no issues occur in their processes. The discovery of the non-electric detonators took place in the 1960s and 1970s by a Swedish Company named Nitro Nobel and it launched the non-electric detonators in 1973 in the demolitions market.

What are non-electric detonators?

To understand it in simple words, non-electric detonators are the shock tubes detonators that are specifically tailored to embark the explosions as mentioned earlier for knocking down the buildings of blasting quarries. As the name itself suggests non-electric, there is an empty plastic tube that carries the firing impulse to the detonator instead of any electric wires. This makes the entire system resistant to the dangers that are related to the drifted electric current.

Thus, different non-electric detonators are offered by some of the best industrial explosives company in India depending on the project that you are working on. These non-electric detonators are not just for commercial usage, rather they are also used for military operations, thus huge demands to it already.


If you are someone who is looking out for a non-electric detonator that is specifically used in blasting, then NEO DET is what you should consider buying from the non-electric detonator supplier in India. This type of detonator comprises of both STLD and DTHD in its twin set. There is one coil of shock tube, and one end is pressed with the DTHD and the other end is pressed with STLD. That is why it can efficiently be used for down-the-hole delay initiation and surface initiation in the blast. The major purpose of this non-electric detonator is in those mines where the charge loading patterns and the drilling are unchanged. The best part about it is that it reduces the wastage of shock tubes as the STLD and DTHD are used separately.

Benefits of using non-electric detonators

A non-electric detonator offers a much-needed relief delay to ensure a reduction in the back break and thus offers a free face for further drilling operations. A higher explosive efficacy can be achieved as there is no interruption of the stemming column or no desensitization of the explosive column. Along with that, you can very well control the ground and bottom vibration of the non-electric detonator.

If you are looking for more operational flexibility and safety, then the non-electric detonators can be just the right thing for your project. You can get in touch with one of the best non-electric detonator supplier in India, SBL Energy Limited where you will be well guided with the entire procedure. This industrial explosives company in India produces top-quality non-electric detonators and other industrial/mining accessories for all the major commercial players in the market. Get in touch with their technical expert to know more about the non-electric detonators.

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