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Electric Detonators: Benefits, Advantages and Safety Rules

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The blasting equipment suppliers pan India always recommend to follow all the safety rules while handling the electric detonators.

Electric Detonators

Since the beginning, the industrial explosive suppliers in India have ensured that with the production of the best quality industrial explosives, the accessories needed along with the explosives are also be made available in the market. Thus, be the mining explosives manufacturers in India or blasting equipment suppliers pan India, the explosives accessories are something that without it no operation can come to fruition. And having said that, electric detonators are one of the crucial components when it comes to the initiation of explosives.

What is an electric detonator?

To get into the basics first, let’s understand what the detonators do. Thus, the detonators are nothing, but the blasting caps are used to trigger any kind of explosion. The detonators can be initiated either chemically or electrically or mechanically. Now as the name itself suggests, an electric detonator means that it is a detonator that requires electric energy so that it can initiate the explosion by detonating the base charge.

There are namely three types of electric detonators that you can get through the industrial explosives company in India. These electric detonators include instantaneous electrical detonators (IED), short delay detonators (SDD), and long delay detonators (LDD). Depending upon your need for the operation, you can choose the right one for yourself.

Benefits of Electric Detonator

There are three popular benefits associated with the electric detonator that makes it one of the most popular accessories for explosives. Right from its accurate delay timing to its resistance to water to its abrasion-resistant insulation, the electric detonator can never go wrong in any of the operations.

Advantages of Electric Detonator

One of the best advantages of the electric detonator is that the shell of the detonator is created of aluminum that comprises ASA and PETN as primary charge and secondary charge respectively. Also, the PVC plug of the detonator makes it water-proof and moisture-proof. This means that the initiation of the explosive can take place in all kinds of circumstances.

Safety Rules for Electric Detonator

With explosives in hand comes the huge responsibility that every mining manufacturer in India recommends to the commercial players working in quarries and mines. Since, electric detonators are extremely sensitive to shock, radiofrequency energy, heat, static electricity, and electromagnetic radiation. Thus, it is vital that while you are buying the electric detonators, you make sure to understand all the safety rules that are associated with them to avoid any mishaps on-site.

That is why, when you are looking to buy an electric detonator, you must buy it from a trustful industrial explosives company in India that can guide you through the entire process from start to end. The one name that everyone trusts in the matter of industrial explosives is SBL Energy Limited which is undoubtedly the most preferred industrial explosive suppliers in India. SBL Energy offers a wide range of electric detonators along with consultation and technical assistance for its clients. therefore, here is your chance and do not miss it!

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