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Electric Detonator vs Non-electric Detonator. Which one to chose

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Non-electric detonator is considered as a safer option as compared to electric detonator because of its operational flexibility.

Electric Detonator vs Non-electric Detonator

Gone are the days when mining companies had to think of the perfect solution that would tag along with the explosives. Now that the industrial explosive suppliers in India have moved an inch ahead of time and technology, there are detonators available today in the market that can make the job easy for underground mining, quarrying, or the construction process.

According to a Research Report, the global detonator market is predicted to grow by 733.6 million by 2026 which is slightly less than what was predicted in the year 2020. But because of the pandemic, the entire global economy has come to a standstill but every industrial explosives company in India is ensuring to manufacture all kinds of detonators demanded by its customers so that they do not fall short of anything that is needed for their projects.

Now the debate about the electric vs non-electric detonator has always been in talks because of the different benefits it has to offer. Let us learn the difference between both in an easy language and see which one could be your best bet for your next project.

Electric Detonator

Itself says the meaning of it. The electric detonator needs an electric discharge to operate and comprises a fuse head, cap, and leg wire. The fused head consists of two metal contact foils of which one end is connected to the leg wire and the other end to the bridge wire. The leg wire is nothing but the plastic insulated metal wires that supply electric waves for detonator initiation. The small primary explosive device which is sensitive is the blasting cap which is generally used to detonate larger or secondary explosives.

Non-Electric detonator

If you are looking for a safer option than the non-electric detonators as always said by every non-electric detonator supplier in India over the electric detonator because of its resistance to electric current. With non-electric detonators there is an ease of using it with quick connections, therefore, making it extremely a go-to option for blasting for underground mines, open-pit mines, or construction work.

Which one to choose?

Well, that completely depends on what your needs are as both kinds of detonators are of top-notch quality as claimed by the industrial explosive suppliers in India. Though the electric detonator is waterproof and has accurate delay timing, with a non-electric detonator you get tremendous amounts of operational flexibility and safety.

SBL Energy Ltd which is undoubtedly one of the best industrial explosive suppliers in India and non-electric detonator supplier in India has everything that would need for your blasting project. To use an electric detonator or non-electric detonator is purely your choice but the experts at SBL Energy will explain to you everything that is related to both and how they work and can be incorporated into your project.

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