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Different Kinds of Industrial/Mining Explosives

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

It is crucial to know about various explosives so that you can choose the right one for your next project.

Industrial/Mining Explosives

With the booming industrial/mining explosives industry, the industrial explosives suppliers in India have come up with cutting-edge technologies for industrial explosives to compete and meet the demands of its customers. Mining has become a top business for commercial players and they do not want to comprise at any cost on various mining explosives as they make the work extremely easy and efficient.

Having said that, the mining explosives manufacturers in India have many varieties of explosives to offer that their clients can choose from. Depending on the need of the project, every industrial explosives company in India has a wide range of explosives that assure quality and efficiency. Here are a few important industrial/mining explosives that you must know about.

Low Column Charge Explosives

As the name itself suggests is it a low-density non-cap sensitive Class-2 emulsion explosive. The low column charge explosive is manufactured with ammonium nitrate pills with emulsion matrix along with HSD that has a brand name as Optigel. Thus, if you are looking for an explosive for a damp or dry hole, this is one of the most cost-efficient options that you can get. It offers consistent results and is easy to use.

Slurry Explosives

It can be declared loud and clear that slurry explosives are kind of “trending” in the explosives market right now. They are the 3rd gen of commercial explosives that are now highly preferred over gun powder and ANFO. Slurry explosives are a mix of various nitrates and ammonium nitrate along with fuel sanitizers that can either be hydrocarbons or aluminum or just hydrocarbon. These are purposely made water-resistant with the use of cross-linking agents, emulsifiers, gums, and waxes.

Emulsion Explosives

Commercial players are more inclined towards emulsion explosives because they are extremely safe, efficient and give a good result as compared to any kind of water gels or slurries. Many advantages are associated with these explosives such as a lot of saving while drilling operation, its low sensitivity to heat, excellent resistance to water, high viscosity, and rigidity, ease to store, handle, and transport and the list is never-ending.

Bulk Emulsion Explosives

If you want the explosives in larger quantities, then you should be opting for the bulk emulsion explosives. The materials are usually mixed at the site by the supplier directly in the delivery truck and are drawn in the shot-hole by trained professionals. These bulk emulsion explosives are recommended to use for open pit mining and quarrying so that the blast execution is on point and any adverse conditions can be avoided.

If you are looking for any kind of explosives, SBL Energy Limited is one of the best industrial explosive suppliers in India that you can rely on. Along with a wide range of explosives and accessories, they assure 100 percent commitment to the clients and increased efficiency of your project.

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