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Cast Boosters- Definition and Safety Precautions taken during Blasting Projects

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The high explosive materials in the cast booster ensure its consistency, safety, and reliability in different kinds of blasting conditions.

Cast Boosters

Looking for a safe, reliable, and durable option for your next underground mining or opencast mining project? Then the cast booster manufacturers in India have the right product for you which will not just be the safest option for your project but guarantees efficient results as well. The cast boosters do the job of providing a high detonation pressure to many varieties of blasting agents and explosives. Hence, the industrial explosive suppliers in India always ensure that the cast boosters offered to their customers are high-end and give the desired results.

Therefore, for understanding the functioning of the cast boosters, it is crucial to get into the basics first. There is no doubt to the fact they the cast boosters have an excellent shelf life but the blasting equipment suppliers pan India also claim that they are highly resistant to oil and water. Well, there’s much more to know about the cast boosters, but follow-through for a better understanding of the subject matter.

Cast Booster- A high-density molecular explosive

As mentioned above, cast boosters are high-density molecular explosives comprised of a mix of PETN and TNT which are extremely sensitive to intense impact. The vital aim of the cast boosters is to give a push of energetic pulse with sufficient amount so that it can quickly reach an ideal velocity of detonation of the explosive column. The use of cast boosters as suggested by the industrial explosive company in India is done to initiate rock blasting in underground mining, open-pit mining, civil works, and quarries. The cast boosters come with a plastic container that is specifically made with water-resistant properties and built to protect itself from critical field conditions as well. That is why it is considered one of the reliable and safest options among the other explosives.

  • The best advantage of using cast boosters for mining projects is that they can never cause what is usually said as “dynamite headache” because the cast boosters do not contain any nitroglycerine.

  • The cast boosters do not contain any kinds of liquid ingredients, hence easy to operate and have a long shelf-life.

  • When used with high-density and high velocity of detonation, it enhances the performance and makes them efficient boosters and primers.

  • Along with their easy operation, the case boosters are effortless when it comes to their assembly and usage.

Safety precautions

The basic safety precaution that needs to be taken for the cast boosters is that they should be used at a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. Along with that, they need to be stored, transported, and handled with extreme care.

If the detonators are not fit completely within the boosters, then ideally the boosters should not be used with the detonators and this situation should be strictly avoided. If not monitored, the detonator might get harmed during its charging process and that can result in a premature or untimely detonation.

Overall, you need an industrial explosives company in India that can offer you a fully stacked package of cast boosters along with proper training and guidance. SBL Energy Limited is one such cast booster manufacturer in India that offers reliable boosters that are articulated from the finest quality PETN and TNT. Get in touch with this one of the best industrial explosive suppliers in India and know the right cast booster options for your next blasting project.

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