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Benefits of Using Emulsion Explosives on Surface Mines

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Right from its water-resistant properties to easy storage, emulsion explosives have a lot to offer.

Emulsion Explosives

In recent times, the entire world of mining industry, including the biggest industrial explosive suppliers in India has seen a tremendous rise in the usage of emulsion explosives. The vital reason being the rise in demand for these explosives is its ease of adaptation, security, safety, resistance towards water, hassle-free storage, and many other more advantages that it offers as compared to all other explosives that are available in the market.

The industrial explosives company in India has always ensured that the emulsion explosives that they aim to sell hold all of their pumping properties and packaging stably throughout different temperatures. And since the explosives can hold it extremely well, they are stable, and the detonation properties can also be kept at a constant number even if the storage has been for a long time. And that is why the emulsion explosive suppliers India are so sure about its usage for surface mines along with underground mining.

According to a report from Future Market Insights, the global emulsion explosive market was evaluated at around US$ 2.4 billion in the year 2020. The important reason for soaring valuation is the high performance and enhanced safety guidelines provided for the emulsion explosives by the world players and the industrial explosive suppliers in India. Thus, here are a few critical reasons that why emulsion explosives have gained popularity among the mining players and how it hugely benefits surface mining projects.

Easy to store and transport

Transport and storage play a key role in every kind of explosives. And the emulsion explosive suppliers India leave no stone unturned to offer the best quality storage and transportation services to their customers. Since the emulsion is categorized as an oxidizer, there is no danger when it comes to transportation and storage as it will never explode. The only time when an emulsion can turn into an explosive is when it is pumped into the borehole. The industrial explosive suppliers in India always recommend storing the emulsions between temperatures of -20 degrees to -50 degrees Celsius.

Different detonation velocity

Emulsion explosives have always been the most cost-effective and better choice when it comes to surface mining. The explosives are not only preferred by many experts but their low sensitivity to the mechanical stimulus makes them extremely popular. Apart from that, it can vary density through many ranges that result in varied detonation velocities. These emulsion explosives not only get the job done with their low impact but are also a safer option when it comes to protecting the environment as these explosives can be executed for medium to hard surface mining grounds.


Without any doubt, the emulsion explosives are produced in such a way that even if there is water inside and outside, the boreholes can be filled up with the emulsion and nothing will happen to the entire operation as the emulsion are completely resistant to the water.

If the standard striking tests are being conducted, then be sure as the emulsion will not explode during the testing and remain stable. But there are chances of explosion if the emulsion comes in contact with the materials such as aluminum powder, detonators, or dynamites. In the end, these are explosives, and the blasting equipment suppliers pan India always advise to follow all the safety guidelines without fail.

Therefore, if you have the requirement for any type of emulsion explosives, then your attention must turn towards one of the finest and experienced emulsion explosive suppliers pan India SBL Energy Limited. This industrial explosives company in India has various ranges of emulsion packages explosives tailored as per your requirements which can be used for both surface and underground mining. Right from Cap sensitive Emulsion Large Diameter Cartridge Explosives (Booster/Primer Charge) to Booster sensitive Emulsion Large Diameter Cartridge Explosives, this industrial explosive supplier in India has everything that you need for your next project.

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