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What are Slurry Explosives and Why are they Used?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Slurry explosives are widely used in the mining and construction industry because of their water-resistance quality.

Slurry Explosives

Slurry Explosives or Water Gels have emerged as popular industrial explosives in the field of mining and construction in recent years. As more slurry explosive suppliers in India are turning towards it, the demand has risen, and big companies have started to understand its importance in the industry. The slurry explosives are usually comprised of ammonium nitrate, inorganic oxidizing salt, thickening agent for the water, fuel, and liquid.

Since the slurry explosives are a mixture of ammonium nitrate and other fuel and nitrates sanitizers, they have taken over the traditional explosives such as gun powder and ANFO. By using waxes, gum, emulsifiers, and cross-liquid agents, the slurries are made completely water-resistant.

The reason why it has gained a lot of popularity among the slurry explosive suppliers in India is because of its water-resistance quality. Along with that, it is extremely easy to put to use and is cost-efficient. If you are looking to have safety from the mechanical impact friction, then you should be using the slurry explosives as they offer the highest degree of safety from that. Also, the density of the slurry explosives can be controlled as per the needs of your operation, and they also provide excellent borehole coupling and transfer of maximum energy.

Usage of Slurry Explosives

As slurry explosives are considered as the “Easy Way” and the safest option by the companies, they are widely used in the mining industry. The slurry explosive suppliers India can offer you different types of explosives according to your operation. For instance, a slurry explosive of small diameter can be specifically used for blasting in coal mid-cut, undercut, and depilating areas. Thus, there are two types of explosives that you will find in this category:

  • Cap Sensitive Slurry Cartridge Explosives

This type of explosive is usually opted for blasting a deep or long hole in quarry, opencast mines, or hill cutting. They can also be used for plaster shooting or secondary blasting. Since they have excellent water resistance, the mining companies prefer it hugely for their operations.

  • Non-Cap Sensitive Slurry Cartridge Explosives

The Non- Cap Sensitive Slurry Cartridge Explosives should be used with the Cap Sensitive Slurry Cartridge Explosives as a column charge and the air gap sensitivity should be kept at a minimum of 2 centimeters.

The slurry explosives are commonly used as cartridge explosives because of their advantage of easy loading into the large casings. With these explosives, it becomes effortless to pour the slurry material into the casing, unlike the traditional explosives where the loading process took all the time in the world and has high chances of creating multiple voids and the possibility of shrinking.

The slurry explosives can be easily stored in the non-explosive component form and can be sanitized whenever needed into field manufactured explosives. You must remember to keep the slurry explosives away from excessive heat and flame. Along with that, the slurry explosives must be kept in a cool and dry place and should be handled with utmost care. While charging, make sure that the cartridges are getting charged in a continuous column in the bore hole.

Understand that, with such kinds of products, a whole bunch of responsibility comes on your shoulders. And you must be able to remember every little detail about the slurry explosives that you are buying from the slurry explosive suppliers India. The best way to get all the information is to get in touch with SBL Energy limited, where you will not only find varied varieties of slurry explosives, but the experts will be able to provide you with a detailed consultation about every product that your company needs and how they should be used. Make sure that you are making the right and safe choice.

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