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How Bulk Explosives are Effective over Packaged Explosives or ANFO

Updated: May 29

Bulk explosives are waterproof and have a long sleeping time and that is why preferred for big projects.

Bulk Explosives

The demand for bulk explosives has increased in recent times and the bulk emulsion manufacturing Company India is very well able to fulfill the demands. The reason for the demand to fall at such a higher side for the bulk emulsion explosives is that over 90% of the industrial and commercial players consume the explosive in the bulk form. And to that, the emulsion explosives company in India has always ensured that the demand and supply graph meets the optimum level of satisfaction from both sides.

Having said that, the bulk explosives are vastly preferred over the packaged explosives of ANFO as the latter is nothing but a part of the bulk explosives. According to the best industrial explosives company n India, bulk explosives range from straight emulsion to simple ANFO that is ammonium nitrate + fuel oil and have the inclusion of various varieties of emulsion blends or ANFO that has unique characteristics.

ANFO or Packaged Explosives are a part of bulk explosives

That is exactly what you just read. ANFO or the packaged explosives are nothing but the part of bulk explosives. To put it in simple words, it is two peas in a pod and that is why the slightest of the difference between both must be cleared out.

ANFO is nothing but a highly preferred bulk explosive by the industrial players and comprises 94% porous prilled ammonium nitrate that is performed as an absorbent for the fuel and oxidizing agent. The ANFO is widely demanded in quarrying, mining, civil construction sites, metal mining, and in places where the cost is low and ease of use is preferred. In such cases, when the cost is compromised, then it also overshadows other benefits such as oxygen balance, water resistance, performance in small-diameter columns, and high detonation velocity.

ANFO is 94% of ammonium nitrate and 6% of the fuel and that is why the industrial explosive company in India claims that it is widely preferred in the blasting industry because it is inexpensive and easy to handle.

ANFOs are usually put to action for blasting soft and hard rocks at mines and quarries where the water level is nil. It can be bolstered with aluminum as it offers optimal detonation performance.

Superior performance with bulk explosives

When bulk explosives are put to action, the biggest advantage that comes into the picture is that it gives the precise combination of explosives and rocks pushing the product to give the best performance and the rest of the operations. Bulk explosives are mainly used by customers who are looking for larger quantities of explosives that include everything that is needed. The emulsion explosive suppliers India generally mixes the material right on the job in the delivery truck and are directly drawn into the shot-hole by the technical workers. The reason to do such is that these explosives are for open pit mining and quarries to improve the blast execution, environmental conditions, and security. With the help of the emulsion processing technology that is used during the borehole loading, the entire material is transported as an oxidizer and then sensitized.

Thus, be it bulk emulsion explosives, ANFO, or packaged explosives, you can trustfully choose one of the best emulsion explosive suppliers India, SBL Energy Limited. Everything is carefully curated for the customers by this bulk emulsion manufacturing company India and then carefully transported to the desired location of the client.

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