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Why Copper Delay Detonators are Used for Blasting Projects?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Copper delay detonators are water-resistant and that is why preferred in underground mining blasting projects.

Copper Delay Detonators

Being in the industrial explosive business, you must be already aware that blasting the solid off is one of the most common techniques for underground coal mining. And for that, the industrial explosive suppliers in India ensure that they produce the best quality copper delay detonators that can do the job with perfection. And in this method, the blasting equipment suppliers pan India recommend using only P5 explosives as the regulatory bodies strictly adhere to it because of the safety requirements that need to be followed while using the cooper delay detonator.

As the name itself suggests, the copper delay detonator is made of copper shells that are filled with PETN as a base charge that is mixed with a primary charge. The copper shells are fitted to an electric fuse head as it is crimped with a couple of PVC-coated wires.

When it comes to copper delay detonator that is made with pyrotechnic delay compositions have an innate diffusion property in their delay timing. That is why the industrial explosive company in India recommends using precise detonators so that fragmentation results are achieved in a better manner with less noise and vibration. The overlapping of the delay period is detrimental from the safety point of view and the production.

Copper Delay Detonators for Blasting Projects

The reason why the industrial explosive suppliers in India and the commercial players rely on the sopper delay detonators for the blasting projects is because of the precision that it offers to produce consistent and accurate blasting results. Along with that, the copper delay detonator can reduce the possibility of the slightest of the water hammer effects or mechanical damages. Not just that, they are great with water resistance that is why preferred largely for underground mine blasting projects.

The copper delay detonators offer a wide range of delay intervals that result in blast design flexibility to control frequencies and vibration with better fragmentation and no overlapping. Another popular reason for using copper delay detonators for blasting projects is that they are extremely easy to handle and execute. Just a proper training session can enable you to operate the copper delay detonator for your blasting project. The copper delay detonators are arranged in a series at the time of execution. And the firing is done with the use of an exploder that gives the needed energy in the form of the electric impulse required for the blast.

With SBL Energy Limited, you can find the best possible copper delay detonators as SBL is one of the trusted names when it comes to industrial explosive suppliers in India. This industrial explosives company in India not just only sells these copper delay detonators but the well-experienced engineers help you to understand every bit of its functioning and train you as needed. You can find the copper delay detonators in categories including Permitted Copper Delay Detonator and Permitted Copper Instantaneous Detonator respectively. Since the detonators comprise sensitive components, they need to be handled with extreme care all the time and that is why SBL Energy is there to carry out everything for you. Just set up an appointment today to get to everything about the best copper delay detonators in the explosives market.

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