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What are Seismic Explosives and What is its Purpose?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Seismic explosives are specifically put to work for seismic exploration and has high VOD and water resistance.

Seismic Explosives

One of the most highly responsible and upkeep jobs is to ensure the safety and application of various explosives. And this job is done with every fulfillment of the responsibility by the industrial explosive suppliers in India, leaving no stone unturned. While these mining explosives manufacturers in India deal with numerous kinds of explosives with a wide range of customers, Seismic explosives are one such branch, that has started to become popular among the big commercial players.

Therefore, to understand what seismic explosives do, it is first crucial to know a bit more about the seismic source which is the foundation of it. In simple words, a seismic source is nothing but a device that created seismic energy in a controlled manner which is purposefully used for refraction and reflection of seismic surveys. And this seismic source can be the dynamite that can offer continuous stretches of energy or controlled pulses to generate seismic waves that travel through layers of rocks or water. These seismic waves are usually used to examine and explore the structure of the subsoil, for studying any deeper structures, searching for mineral deposits and petroleum, or engineering the characterization of any site to be mined.

What are Seismic Explosives?

Seismic methods or seismic explosives are the special forms of gelatin or blasting gelatin and ammonia gelatin dynamite that are used for geophysical mining. Apart from that, the industrial explosives company in India also develop these seismic explosives to shoot at regular intervals at the geophysical mines’ characteristic rate of detonation which is done under extremely high water pressure.

These gelatin dynamites are categorized under three sections:

· Ammonia gelatins which have ammonia nitrite as an active component

· Straight gelatins in which glyceryl trinitrate is an active component

· Semi gelatins that comprise majorly of nitroglycerin

Purpose of Seismic Explosives

To understand the purpose of the seismic explosives, it is vital to know about the two seismic sources: marine seismic sources and land seismic sources. Land seismic sources are best suited for the exploration on the ground because of its traits. On the other hand, the marine seismic sources are put to use in water because they are fit to explore in the aquatic environment.

Reflection seismology requires seismic sources to detect the archaeological sites and mineral deposits by generating the seismic wave artificially. For the Blasting equipment suppliers pan India who majorly deal with the land seismic sources by supplying the seismic explosives, the major work is to generate a high-frequency energetic wave for a quick time that repeats in itself without creating any noise in the work of detection.

How seismic explosives are used?

According to the mining explosives manufacturers in India, seismic explosives are used the following way:

Firstly, a hole is drilled at the location that has been targeted. Then the charge is placed in the drilled hole and is detonated with a blasting cap that is electrically ignited, probably an electric detonator. You must know that the frequency of the waves from smaller charges is generally higher than the large charges and the deeper the charge is, it is going to affect the production of noise. The seismic explosives can be more effective if they are executed on parched land or any land that is below the water table.

Industrial explosive suppliers in India have everything that is needed for your current and upcoming project. But you must be aware of the fact that the seismic data recording can only become successful if you are choosing the right set of seismic explosives created by one of the best industrial explosives company in India, SBL Energy Limited. The seismic explosives manufactured by this top-notch mining explosives manufacturers in India have only become possible because of the extensive research and efforts put in by the engineers to ensure that the efficiency and safety of the product are not compromised. The NEO GEL-90 CPT is one such seismic explosive by SBL Energy that is tailormade for the seismic exploration project.

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