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Usage and Safety Precautions for Low Column Charge Explosives

Updated: May 29

A trained, and qualified person should only operate the low column charge explosives.

Low Column Charge Explosives

Now that the explosives business has gone to the next level, the industrial explosive suppliers in India have ensured that its customers do not forget the basics of it. The general theory of explosives that are known to everyone says that the detonation of the explosives charge creates a shock wave that is of high velocity along with the release of large amounts of gas. The shock wave then crushes and creates cracks in the rock near the explosives. The energy that is released by the detonation of these explosives creates rock displacement, air blast, ground vibration, and rock fragmentation.

And every explosive as always mentioned by the mining explosives manufacturers in India has different features and a mix of ingredients. On that note, when it comes to the low column charge explosives, which are a mixture of emulsion matrix with ammonium nitrate prills with HSD that has OPTIGEL is considered to be reliable and easy to use and offers consistent results.

Usage of low column charge explosives

These low column charge explosives are highly suitable for long and deep hole blasting in opencast mines, hill cutting, and quarrying. Since these low column charge explosives are non-sensitive Class 2 emulsion explosives, they must be used with cap-sensitive explosive or booster charge. This is a low-density product, therefore, high column height is needed with a minimum explosive charge. If given higher heave energy as compared to emulsion cartridge explosives, then it would give enhanced results of fragmentation whilst creating lesser vibrations. The heave energy might be as same as ANFO.

Safety precautions to be taken for low column charge explosives

With every explosive that you buy comes the safety precaution guidelines that are ought to be followed. When it comes to the low column charge explosives, they must be kept away from open flames, heat, hot surfaces, and sparks and should avoid friction, grinding, and shock of any kind. Another safety measure that the industrial explosive suppliers in India recommend is to wear all the necessary protective gear while using the explosive and it should only be handled by authorized and qualified persons.

Therefore, with a thought in mind to buy good quality low column charge explosives, you surely need to tap a good industrial explosives company in India. And your best bet here can be SBL Energy Limited. This industrial explosives company in India not only offers the finest quality products but also provides the right consultation regarding the explosives and blasting accessories that you are going to need for your next project.

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