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Top Three Reasons to Use Non-Electric Detonator for your Next Mining Project

Updated: Jun 3

Non-electric detonator makes the entire blasting process seamless as it offers wide operational flexibility.

Non-Electric Detonator

Well, you are onto your next mining project and still wondering what all blasting accessories you are going to need. The industrial explosive suppliers in India are extremely capable of guiding their customers through the entire process of their blasting operation while making them understand their needs and fulfilling them in time. And since your next mining project is an important one, you must surely look out for the non-electric detonator as it is not only cost efficient but also is extremely capable of doing the job in no time while maintaining the efficiency.

Non-electric detonator as we all are aware of is nothing but a shock tube that is curated for initiating explosions and are a great fit for blasting rocks in quarries and mines. A hollow plastic tube is engaged to deliver the impulse to the detonator instead of the electric wires. That is why, many commercial players have started to use non-electric detonators because it does not requires anything complicated and makes the job easy.

#1 No accidental activation

There are many amazing reasons as to why you need to incorporate non-electric detonator in your next mining project. And as always mentioned by the mining explosives manufacturers in India, with non-electric detonator there is never a fear of any accidental activation associated due to transmission, thunderstorm, lightning, high voltage and inspiration, or any kind of electric source. Even if the weather is unpredictable or the soil is wet, the non-electric detonator will never show any signs of voltage drain as compared to the electric detonator that demands insulation it the voltage runs out.

#2 As quick as it can get

The detonators can be connected quickly just with the help of a clip, it is that simple. With the use of non-electric detonator, the connection time of the entire explosion circuit is reduced to one-fifth of the usual time taken. Also, the line-to-line delay can be done without any fear of restriction.

#3 Operational Flexibility

The non-electric detonator offers a great deal of operational flexibility as it can design larger initiation sequences and are safer than other options. If you are using non-electric detonator, then only one kind is enough to facilitate explosion and it is also easy to divide the area.

In a nutshell, non-electric detonator is all you need for your next mining project and SBL Energy Ltd has the best ones to offer. This industrial explosive company in India ensures that the customers get the best quality products and assists them throughout the process. Thus, for your next purchase of non-electric detonators, call this one of the best industrial explosive suppliers in India and get to know your options.

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