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Top Three Benefits of Emulsion Explosives

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Emulsion explosives are a great choice if you are looking for a water-resistant explosive that is also safe to store.

Emulsion Explosives

In recent times, the entire commercial explosives market has seen a tremendous rise in the usage of emulsion explosives. The reason behind such a huge spike in demands from the emulsion explosives company in India is the increased activities for surface and underground mining. As per the industrial explosive suppliers in India, this expansion regarding the emulsion explosives in the market is because of the great benefits that it has to offer.

The emulsion explosives are the most recent breakthrough in the commercial explosives industry by the industrial explosive suppliers in India and are being extensively and efficiently used for commercial blasting projects in the entire world. Not just that, they are extremely safe to use and deliver better results as compared to water gels or slurry explosives. Here are the top three benefits of emulsion explosives that would make you opt for this option for your next blasting project.

1) Easy Transport and Storage

The best part about the emulsion explosives as they are classified as an oxidizer which means that the storage and transport of these explosives do not fall under any dangerous category and there is no fear of any explosion while they are transported or stored. As mentioned by the industrial explosives company in India, emulsion explosives are extremely safe in transporting, manufacturing, handling, and storing.

2) Safe and Water-Resistant

When the standard striking tests are carried out, the emulsion is never going to explode and remains stable all the way. Another advantage that the emulsion explosives have to offer is that it will never explode while it is burning but it needs to be kept away from dynamites, detonators, or aluminum powder. One more plus is its excellent resistance to water and the boreholes can be efficiently filled with the emulsion even if it is loaded with water from the inside.

3) Cost-Effective

According to the experiments run so far for the emulsion explosives, they are not only cost-effective but are reasonably capable of delivering the best results by lowering the entire cost of the blasting operation. You can end up saving a lot of money on your project with the emulsion explosives and the results that you get are the improved drill and blast costs and a visible increase in the profit margin of your company.

Therefore, when you finally decide to choose emulsion explosives for your next blasting project, you must consider choosing one of the highly-rated industrial explosives companies in India, SBL Energy Limited that offers top-notch emulsion explosives along with guided training and consultation regarding your requirements. You will find various ranges of emulsion explosives at SBL and you can choose the right one depending upon the need of your blasting project.

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