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Slurry Explosives: A Cost-Effective Product for Your Next Blasting Project

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The slurry explosives manufactured go through rigorous quality control processes by the qualified engineers at SBL.

Slurry Explosives

Being an owner of a business, you always look for ways to save money and use it for better purposes for other projects. Therefore, such is the case with the slurry explosives as they are considered to be the most cost-efficient 3rd gen explosives that are highly preferred over gun powder and ANFO. With many options available in the market, it is understandable that one might get confused about what to choose and which is the right explosives for the kind of project you are doing.

But what matters here is along with choosing the right explosives is opting for the right slurry explosive suppliers India. When you choose the right suppliers, half of your job is already done. And then with proper guidance and consultation, you can find the right fit for your blasting project.

Therefore, if slurry explosives are your option, then know that it is one of the most cost-efficient options that the industrial explosives suppliers in India have to offer. And here’s why.

The cost-effective deal

As mentioned by the slurry explosive suppliers India, they are nothing, but a mixture of an oxidizer, thickener, water, and sensitizer, and that sensitizer can be used for reducing chemicals. The mixtures present are ammonium nitrate and guar gum. With slurry explosives, you can use them for smaller diameter boreholes or wider boreholes spacing so that the same amount of explosive power and fragmentation is achieved.

The reason why it is a cost-efficient deal is that it is going to save tons of your precious money as you will only be drilling fewer holes. And according to the slurry explosive suppliers India, the slurry explosives load three times faster than the traditional dynamites that makes the entire process fast and convenient.

Along with its cost-efficient advantage, another added advantage with the slurry explosives is that they are safe and easy to use. Along with that, they also offer the highest degree of safety from mechanical impact friction. With its exceptional quality of borehole coupling and transfer of maximum energy, it makes slurry explosives one of the popular choices in blasting operations.

Thus, if you are looking for the best quality and cost-efficient slurry explosives, SBL Energy Limited is one such choice that you can never refuse. The slurry explosives manufactured by SBL Energy are tailor-made and as per your specifications. The company stands among the best industrial explosives company in India and you can find some of the best deals for your next blasting operation.

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