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Safety Rules to be Followed While Using Detonating Fuse

Updated: May 31

Detonating fuse makes the entire initiation process quick and convenient and offers flexibility with the blasting operation.

Detonating Fuse

There are numerous factors involved when it comes to a blasting operation. Even if one small element goes missing, the entire operation can become a big failure. But if you have the right industrial explosive suppliers in India by your side, there are rare to no chances that anything would go wrong during the entire planning of the blasting operation. One such crucial element is the detonating fuse which according to the blasting equipment suppliers pan India is one of the main elements used in blasting operations.

A detonating fuse is nothing but a device resembling a cord that is required for blasting operations as it contains an explosive that is bound to explode at high velocity when it is initiated by a detonator. The detonating fuse comprises the high-explosive core of pentaerythritol tetranitrate or commonly known as PETN that is enclosed in a tape and wrapped up with the yarns. The detonating fuse is generally bolstered in an outer cover made of plastic and it is waterproof.

Authorized personnel are allowed to handle the fuse

Every industrial explosives company in India always ensures that while it is instructing the details about the detonating fuse to its customers, certain safety measures are the first on the list to be taught. And in this case, only qualified and authorized individuals are allowed and should be allowed to handle the explosives and their operations. The unintended detonation of the explosives can lead to serious accidents and that is one of the important things that should be avoided. The emergency equipment should always be kept ready in case of an accident and the individuals should be wearing all the necessary protective equipment to prevent taking in any harmful element while inhalation or to the skin or eyes.

Various other safety measures to follow while using detonating fuse:

  • Remember that the detonating cord is an explosive, therefore, it needs to be transported and handled with utmost care and responsibility.

  • If the environment is wet or humid, the detonating fuse must be protected from such conditions. The cord will not initiate if it is wet as the PETN absorbs water and hence becomes completely insensitive to detonation. But you must know for the fact that the detonating cord can be initiated from one of its dry ends.

  • The detonating fuse is extremely sensitive to a lightning strike and intense friction or impact, thus, one needs to be handled with caution in high temperatures of above 70 degrees Celsius.

SBL Energy Limited is one of the reputed names amongst the industrial explosive suppliers in India and a well-known brand for the detonating fuse available in different varieties of classes to choose from. These detonating fuses are well suitable for opencast mines, quarries, tunneling work, and trenching. To find out more details about various kinds of detonating fuses available, contact SBL Energy right away.

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