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Ordinary Detonators: An Inexpensive Blasting Initiator

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Ordinary detonators are considered as a cost-efficient option for different kinds of blasting operations.

Ordinary Detonators

There is simple math behind the functioning of any detonator which is to initiate or trigger an explosive device. And since the industrial explosive suppliers in India have come up with many different varieties of detonators for their customers, you get to choose from its wide range. Right from the expensive ones to budget-friendly detonators, you can pick anything that suits your pocket and your project. Therefore, one such popular choice that the blasting equipment suppliers pan India have seen is the increasing demand for ordinary detonators. It is one of the inexpensive blasting initiators that can be used for different kinds of blasting operations right from open cast mining to quarrying.

The ordinary detonator consists of an aluminum shell that is filled with an explosive charge. A safety fuse is used to initiate it as it is inserted in an open end of the ordinary detonator. The safety fuse is held there by crimping it completely. Since the ordinary detonators are non-electric, the safety fuse is used for it. The ordinary detonators are of No. 8 strength and have the length and diameter of the shell as 37 mm and 3.7 mm respectively. The fire that is conveyed through the safety fuse helps in initiating the explosive charge into the shell.

The cost-efficient option

In recent times, ordinary detonators have emerged as one of the inexpensive options when it comes to blasting initiators. It can be successfully used in non-gassy mines, opencast mines, well sinking, stone quarries, surface excavation, shock tube blast initiation, road construction, secondary blasting, etc. According to the industrial explosive suppliers in India, this is a safer alternative for such areas and locations where the static hazards for electric detonators are likely to be spotted.

The need for cost-efficient options was seen by the blasting equipment suppliers pan India when it was realized that different kinds of explosives require different energy levels when it comes to detonation. That is why the industrial explosive suppliers in India came with ordinary detonators that can be a perfect pocket-friendly solution to various types of blasting operations. These ordinary detonators can be stored in dry conditions and at moderate temperatures.

Therefore, you can find the best quality ordinary detonators at one of the top-notch industrial explosive suppliers in India, SBL Energy Limited along with a well-guided consultation regarding the product. This industrial explosives company in India ensures to deliver the ordinary detonators neatly packed in a cardboard box and wooden cases to confirm the complete safety of the product.

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