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Importance of Cast Boosters in Blasting Operations

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Cast boosters have an excellent shelf life as there are no liquid ingredients or oils involved.

Cast Boosters

For every blasting operation, there is the need for a driving force so that the initiating energy is generated at the maximum level and the top-most blasting efficiency is achieved during the project. Well, to ensure that the driving force does not fail at any cost, the cast boosters are used for that deliverance as they contain the TNT and PETN to ensure that the explosives perform well when used with the detonating cords or shock tube delay detonators.

According to the cast booster manufacturers in India, the cast boosters are a sensitive explosive charge that is like a conduit between a low-sensitivity and high-energy explosive and a detonator. A detonator will not initiate by itself and will never deliver the required energy and that is why the cast boosters are direly needed. The cast boosters contain high-density molecular explosives which are enormously sensitive to friction, severe impact, and heat. That is why you will find that every cast booster has an adaptive passage for the detonator and the detonating cord. Note that, the use of the cast boosters is only done when your detonator is falling short of the required amount of energy to kick start the explosion.

  • The best reason why you should be incorporating cast boosters in your next blasting operation is that they never freeze which means that they will never leak any kind of dangerous oils even if kept and stored under extreme or unfavorable conditions.

  • The cast boosters are tested and proven in a fire test, impact test, standard rife bullet test, and friction.

  • If you are looking for an option that can be used in severe environmental conditions, then cast boosters are your best bet because they are unaffected by any water body and are ideal for extreme weather conditions.

  • No “dynamite headaches” with the cast boosters as they do not contain any traces of nitroglycerine.

  • Since they have excellent resistant to oil and water, the cast boosters have a pretty good shelf life and are extremely convenient to assemble and use.

Along with all the brownie points that are associated with the cast boosters comes a great deal of responsibility because there are many safety measures that you need to learn if you are going to use the cast boosters for your blasting operations. That is why you need the reputed industrial explosive suppliers in India by your side and SBL Energy Limited can be the best choice here. The SBL Energy not only offers the best services and training needed to use the cast boosters for your project but is also one of the most efficient industrial explosives company in India. SBL offers a wide range of services right from consultation to technical blast management, which means that you have an experienced hand right there with you from the start to the end of your blasting operation.

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