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How Electric Detonators are Used for Mining Explosives

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The best part about electric detonators is that they are waterproof and have abrasion resistant insulation.

Electric Detonators

There are many factors that are responsible and contribute towards a successful mining operation. And the mining explosives manufacturers in India play a vital role in ensuring that these operations run successfully with all the safety precautions for the clients. One of the most crucial roles is played by the electric detonators as they are used for mining explosives. The industrial explosive suppliers in India along with all the explosives, also offer a full stack of all the accessories that are important in the mining operations such as the electric detonators.

As the name itself suggests, the electric detonators have the main source of its initiation coming from the electricity. The blasting equipment suppliers pan India and the mining explosives manufacturers in India produce three types of electric detonators:

  • Instantaneous Electrical Detonators (IED)

  • Short Delay Detonators (SDD)

  • Long Delay Detonators (LDD)

All three detonators have different usage depending upon the type of operation. The LDDs have their measurements in seconds whilst the SDDs are usually measured in milliseconds. You must know that electric detonators are extensively sensitive to heat, static electricity, electromagnetic radiation, shock, and radiofrequency energy.

Electric detonators to initiate blast sequences in mining operations

The industrial explosive suppliers in India have a vital purpose when it comes to electric detonators, which is to ensure that they are used to initiate the blast sequences and at times inside the blast holes as well. When a detonator is put in operation, the electrical energy is created into the detonator from the exploder with the help of detonator leads and primary circuit wire. After that, the current starts to get active by heating a high resistance wire in the detonator that next provokes a fuse head. And then the entire process gets initiated.

Another way to use the electric detonators is in a series. According to the mining explosives manufacturers in India, it is one of the most convenient ways to use an electric detonator. To negate the possibility of faulty connections of the detonators and failing the entire firing for the ongoing operation, the connection in the series enables the whole of the circuit to get tested for maintaining the resistance and continuity from a guarded place. Be it any kind of operation, the blasting equipment suppliers pan India always recommended testing the continuity of the detonators.

IED for underground mines

According to the industrial explosive suppliers in India, if you are looking to blast in opencast and non-gassy underground mines or quarries, then the Instantaneous Electric Detonators (IED) are one of the best ones to consider.

The electric detonators are always preferred by the big players when it comes to mining and is also a good recommendation from the industrial explosive suppliers in India because they not only have accurate delay timing but also are waterproof and are abrasion-resistant. The PVC plug attached to it keeps the detonator away from any moisture and water.

Thus, the bottom line here is, if you are looking for mining explosive accessories such as electric detonators, then one of the top blasting equipment suppliers pan India to consider is SBL Energy Limited. This industrial explosive company in India has the best-in-class range of all types of electric detonators that can be used for underground mining and surface. All the types of electric detonators mentioned above are available as per your requirements and can be bought after a well-guided technical consultation.

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