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Advantages of Using a Detonating Fuse

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Detonating fuse is water-resistance and abrasion resistance and is easy to handle and load.

Detonating Fuse

When it comes to projects such as underground mining and quarrying, many factors are needed along with the explosives. That is why the industrial explosives suppliers in India have always made sure that they cater to all the explosives accessories along with the main explosives package. There are many important accessories needed and one of them is the detonating fuse that is considered as the core of high explosives.

The detonating fuse comprises of a high explosive that is PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) which is the core that is wrapped up in a waterproof, reinforced, olive-drab plastic coating that efficiently transmits the detonating wave. In simple words, the detonating fuse is nothing, but PETN covered in plastic, textile, and waterproofing material. And the industrial explosives company in India always mentions that the degree of the abrasion resistance, flexibility, and tensile strength of each detonating fuse covering varies from each other. The kinds of variation act as a medium for the quick and safe initiation of the detonator for those industrial explosives which are sensitive and offer a route for the initiation of the non-electric detonators.

Therefore, here are a few amazing advantages that the blasting equipment suppliers pan India have for you when it comes to the detonating fuse.

  • The detonating fuse is extremely easy to handle and can be tied into knots efficiently.

  • This blasting accessory is flexible and has high tensile strength.

  • It is relatively insensitive to detonation by electrostatic discharge, heat, and all other forms of electricity.

  • If you are using the detonating fuse for any of your blasting projects, then you need to be assured of its execution as it is mechanically and electronically inspected from top to bottom.

  • The detonating fuse has excellent resistance to oil and water and is also repellent to abrasion.

  • The identification of the detonating fuse is always easy because of the different colors that it has.

  • One of the best advantages of the detonating fuse is that it is easy to connect the branch lines and it assures reliable non-electric initiation.

As compared to other kinds of blasting caps, the detonating fuse is safe when it comes to loading and handling.

If you are aiming to use detonating fuse for your next project, then it can be efficiently used for quarrying, trenching, opencast mines, and tunneling work. Certain safety measures need to be taken care of while it is being used, but when you purchase from one of the top-notch industrial explosive suppliers in India such as SBL Energy Limited, you get all the training, guidance, and knowledge for the product that you are buying. With SBL Energy, you will have the smoothest experience for all kinds of blasting accessories as they will be tailor-made for you as per the requirement of your operation.

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