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Advantages Associated with Seismic Explosives and How to Use them

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Seismic explosives one of that sophisticated technology that cam be deployed in most challenging and unique locations.

Seismic Explosives

The blasting operations are never an easy task to perform. Many kinds of challenges are faced right from technical to environmental and all these challenges need to be taken care of by an efficient team. That is why the industrial explosive suppliers in India highly recommend and offer to train their customers before they handle any kinds of explosives and blasting accessories. For such challenging projects, seismic explosives are always preferred and suggested by the blasting equipment suppliers pan India as they can perform consistently in difficult and extreme environmental conditions.

Advantages of seismic explosives

The varied range of seismic explosives can generate bandwidth and signal strengths that contain a large area of all the needs associated with the seismic explosives. There are many energy sources available with it which depends completely on the explosive output requirements so that the climatic and geological conditions can be met without fail. There are different configurations and sizes available so that it can suit a variety of applications and the packaging is extremely convenient so that the product becomes easy to handle and execute.

Seismic explosives are high-velocity explosives that minimize the surface noise whilst maximizing the spectrum output. Also, its advanced explosive degradability offers such a performance that it can completely protect nature without causing any harm. The seismic explosives are excellent for water resistance as they are packed in couplable tubes.

How to use seismic explosives

To initiate the explosive, the industrial explosive suppliers in India recommend the No. 8 strength seismic detonator. This detonator is designed to perform in harsh environments that are common to geophysical exploration. These detonators are specifically designed to offer the highest level of accuracy, precision to ensure the short initiation lag time and firing within the rate of sampling of the majority of the seismic acquisition systems.

Therefore, if you are looking for seismic explosives for your next project, your search ends here. At SBL Energy Limited, you will find the most comprehensive range of products that would give you to choose from a variety of combinations of the initiating system and seismic explosives that would suit every operation requirement of your project. SBL Energy is the only industrial explosives company in India that has curated its manufacturing facility by deploying all the modern equipment while making sure that the customers find every little thing reliable, and we never fail to supply all our products on time.

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