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Advantages and Safety Procedures for Slurry Explosives

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Apart from being water-resistance, the slurry explosives are extremely cost-effective and the best choice for any blasting operation.

Slurry Explosives

The slurry explosive suppliers in India have progressed tremendously over the years and have given the best forms of industrial explosives to their customers. Right from underground mining, quarrying, and construction, the industrial explosives company in India has always put its foot forward in adapting the newer version of the technology. And that is why slurry explosives are much more in demand when it comes to commercial and industrial blasting operations.

We all are aware of the popularity of ANFO but there are many downsides of it that most of us are simply oblivious of. Right from its low density, limited energy options, and no resistance to water. That is why slurry explosives have into the picture that takes care of all the above-mentioned downsides of the ANFO. These are the aqueous-based, ammonium nitrate slurry explosives that are considered to be water-resistant to a certain degree and give the efficient and best result when executed during any blasting project.

Advantages of slurry explosives

As mentioned above, the key advantage and benefit of the slurry explosives as mentioned by the blasting equipment suppliers pan India is its excellent water resistance. Along with that it also has the added benefit of reduced toxic gas production and improved coupling of explosives. The slurry explosives have efficient manual handling and increased shock energy. Since slurry explosives are a mixture of different nitrates and ammonium nitrate along with fuel sensitizers, these can either be hydrocarbons and aluminum or hydrocarbon. The slurries use waxes, emulsifiers, gum, and cross-linking agents and that is why they can be made water-resistant.

The slurry explosives as per the slurry explosive suppliers India are extremely cost-efficient and the application is easy and safe once the required training is given to the customer. The slurry explosives offer a high degree of safety from the mechanical impact friction which means that the product is completely safe to use post detailed training. The density of the slurry explosives can be easily controlled, and they can transfer maximum energy and have exceptional borehole coupling.

Safety procedures for slurry explosives

When it comes to explosives, a long list of safety procedures surely comes along. For safety precautions to be followed for slurry explosives, they must be kept far off from any kind of excessive heat and flame. The explosives should never be subject to any kind of heavy friction and impact and must be handled with extreme care and should be stored in a dry and cool place.

Now you must know that the slurry explosives have two kinds, Cap Sensitive Slurry Cartridge Explosives, and Non-Cap Sensitive Slurry Cartridge Explosives. Both have different applications, and you must be able to spot the difference and know which product you are looking for based on the need of your blasting operation. Consulting one of the best slurry explosive suppliers India, you will easily understand what product you are going to need. Your best bet, in this case, is SBL Energy Limited who not only sells these two slurry explosives but also manufactures them in their high-tech plant. You can set up a call to find an estimate and the rest of the things will be known to you. Trust SBL Energy as they have the most cost-efficient industrial explosives to offer and make your every project a huge success.

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