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A Simple Guide to Know Everything About Ordinary Detonators

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Ordinary detonators need to be handled with extreme care and by someone who has all the knowledge about it.

Ordinary Detonators

When it comes to the initiation of any industrial explosive, a detonator of some kind is needed. And many detonators are preferred by the commercial players. But the industrial explosive suppliers in India many times recommend using ordinary detonators as they are filled with an aluminum shell that comprises of explosive charge. The ordinary detonator is joined to the electric detonator for the use of commercial purposes.

According to the blasting equipment suppliers pan India, the aluminum plain ordinary detonator is non-electric in nature and is generally used with the safety fuse. The strength of these ordinary detonators is no. 8 and the diameter of the shell is around 3.7 mm and the length of the detonators is about 37 mm. the best part about these ordinary detonators is that they are manufactured in a high-end facility with the help of all the sophisticated techniques and technology. When you choose the ordinary detonator of no. 8 strength, they guarantee an efficient initiation of all the cap-sensitive explosives. This initiation takes place when the safety fuse is put inside the cap.

Application of ordinary detonators

If you feel that the execution of the ordinary detonator is going to be complicated, then know that, once you understand how it functions, it will be easy to initiate. Firstly, the ordinary detonators are one of the inexpensive blasting initiators that are well-efficient in dry holes. They are used a lot in stone quarries, opencast and non-gassy mines, road construction, secondary blasting, well sinking, shock tube blast initiation, surface evacuation, civil works, and many more as the list is never-ending. Ordinary detonators are a safe alternative for locations where the static hazard might happen when the electric detonators are used.

You must be aware of the fact that the detonators be it anyone, has the property of ignition of the primary explosive that offers the initial activation energy to the detonation. The explosives that are generally used in the detonators are lead azide, DDNP, mercury fulminate, tetryl, and styphnate. When it comes to the safety of ordinary detonators, then mining explosives manufacturers in India always use good quality crimpers so that the crimping of the detonator comes out proper.

Since the ordinary detonators contain extra sensitive ingredients, they need to be handled with extreme care. The industrial explosive suppliers in India advise that a sufficient length of safety fuse should be used to ensure the escape of shot firer to a safe distance. Detonators can be hazardous to anyone who does not know about it and their operations. Therefore, it should only be handled by someone who has inside-out knowledge about it.

Therefore, while you are browsing to find the best ordinary detonators, your best bet can be SBL Energy Limited as this industrial explosives company in India offers its best-in-class range of ordinary detonators. The packaging of the ordinary detonators is done in a cardboard box and then that box is further packed in wooden cases with a quantity of 100 detonators that come to a total of 1000 ordinary detonators. The ordinary detonator that this one of the best industrial explosive suppliers in India has to offer is named NEO OD. You can know more about this product by setting up a call or meeting with their well-trained engineers and consulting team and they will give you the best advice possible.

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