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Advantages of Using Slurry Explosives for Blasting Operations

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The Slurry Explosive Suppliers India are in continuous process of meeting the surging demands of the explosives.

Slurry Explosive

Gone are the days when traditional explosives such as ANFO and gun powder were preferred by the commercial players for blasting operations. Now the slurry explosive suppliers India have ensured that along with the changing world, the product must also evolve and that is why the slurry explosives are what the industrial explosive suppliers in India are producing. The demand for slurry explosives is soaring heights as it is one of the best industrial explosives that are not only efficient but also works quickly as compared to other explosives.

The reason why the industrial explosive company in India has so much demand for slurry explosives is because of the mixture of ammonium nitrate or other nitrates along with fuel sanitizers which can be categorized either as hydrocarbons and aluminum, or hydrocarbon. The best part about it which is highly claimed by the slurry explosive suppliers India is that they are produced water-resistant with the use of waxes, emulsifiers, cross-linking agents, or gum. That is why they are considered as one of the safest explosives to use through the water.

Thus, with so much to explore with the slurry explosives, here are the best advantages as suggest by the industrial explosive suppliers in India for slurry explosives. Follow through.


As mentioned earlier, the slurry explosives are excellent when it comes to water-resistant. And it is this property that attracts most of the commercial players to use explosives in their blasting projects. When the slurry explosive is exposed to water, it does not lose its power or gets desensitized. The rate card for how good an explosive is underwater depended completely upon how many hours the explosive is submerged in water and what are the prospects that it will successfully detonate. All these criteria are taken into consideration to claim that an explosive is water-resistant and slurry explosives fall at the higher side.

Easy application and cost-effective

Since the use of slurry explosives is highly done in the mining industry, the slurry explosive suppliers India ensure that it is extremely safe and easy when it comes to its application. Apart from that, the slurry explosives are pocket-friendly and can be easily affordable by small, medium, and large companies who are into the mining business. These slurry explosives can be used for many kinds of situations that include the usage of slurry explosives with a small diameter that is specifically used for coal undercut, mid-cut, and depilating area blasting. Depending upon the project, the blasting equipment suppliers pan India ensure that your needs are fulfilled.

Storage in non-explosive component form

One of the best advantages that the slurry explosives offer is that they can be easily stored in a non-explosive form. And when it is needed, it can be sensitized into an explosive and can be put for execution. The sensitization of the slurry explosive can be done by adding metal powder, gas, or any kind of explosive including PETN or RDX or similar form.

Apart from the above advantages of slurry explosives, if you are looking to buy them for your next mining project, SBL Energy Limited offers the best range of slurry explosives as it is one of the best industrial explosives company in India. It offers Cap Sensitive Slurry Cartridge Explosives and Non-Cap Sensitive Slurry Cartridge Explosives with detailed consultation regarding each product. Set your appointment today and get everything that your project requires.

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